Class ColumnSplitOperation

    • Field Detail

      • _columnName

        protected final String _columnName
      • _guessCellType

        protected final boolean _guessCellType
      • _removeOriginalColumn

        protected final boolean _removeOriginalColumn
      • _separator

        protected final String _separator
      • _regex

        protected final Boolean _regex
      • _maxColumns

        protected final Integer _maxColumns
      • _fieldLengths

        protected final int[] _fieldLengths
    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnSplitOperation

        public ColumnSplitOperation​(EngineConfig engineConfig,
                                    String columnName,
                                    boolean guessCellType,
                                    boolean removeOriginalColumn,
                                    String separator,
                                    boolean regex,
                                    int maxColumns)
      • ColumnSplitOperation

        public ColumnSplitOperation​(EngineConfig engineConfig,
                                    String columnName,
                                    boolean guessCellType,
                                    boolean removeOriginalColumn,
                                    int[] fieldLengths)
    • Method Detail

      • getColumnName

        public String getColumnName()
      • getGuessCellType

        public boolean getGuessCellType()
      • getRemoveOriginalColumn

        public boolean getRemoveOriginalColumn()
      • getSeparator

        public String getSeparator()
      • getRegex

        public Boolean getRegex()
      • getMaxColumns

        public Integer getMaxColumns()
      • getFieldLengths

        public int[] getFieldLengths()
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
        Description copied from interface: Operation
        A short human-readable description of what this operation does.
      • getGridMap

        public RowMapOperation.GridMap getGridMap​(Grid state,
                                                  ChangeContext context)
                                           throws OperationException
        Description copied from class: RowMapOperation
        Returns the function that is applied to each row and row index, the new column model applied to the grid, and the new overlay models. Computing these in one go can be useful in certain situations, for instance when the number of columns added to the column model depends on the data. If a subclass needs to return only one non-default value out of mapper, column model and overlay models it can instead override the corresponding method.
        getGridMap in class RowMapOperation
        state - the initial column model
        OperationException - if the change does not apply to the given grid
      • negativeMapper

        protected static RowInRecordMapper negativeMapper​(int columnIdx,
                                                          int nbColumns,
                                                          boolean removeOrigColumn,
                                                          int keyColumnIdx)
      • mapper

        protected static RowInRecordMapper mapper​(CellValueSplitter splitter,
                                                  int columnIdx,
                                                  int nbColumns,
                                                  boolean removeOrigColumn,
                                                  boolean guessCellType,
                                                  int keyColumnIndex)
      • buildAggregator

        protected static RowAggregator<Integer> buildAggregator​(CellValueSplitter splitter,
                                                                int columnIndex)
        Aggregator to compute the maximum number of values generated by a splitting configuration