Interface CellValueSplitter

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    public interface CellValueSplitter
    extends Serializable
    Provides different ways to split a cell value into multiple strings.
    Antonin Delpeuch
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        static CellValueSplitter construct​(ColumnSplitOperation.Mode mode,
                                           String separator,
                                           Boolean regex,
                                           int[] fieldLengths,
                                           Integer maxColumns)
        Constructs a CellValueSplitter according to the supplied settings.
        mode - whether to split by separator or fixed lengths
        separator - the separator to use (set to null if using lengths)
        regex - whether to interpret the separator as a regular expression
        fieldLengths - the lengths of the fields to extract (set to null if using a separator)
        maxColumns - the maximum number of values to extract (ignored for lengths)