Class Recon

    • Field Detail

      • Feature_nameLevenshtein

        public static final int Feature_nameLevenshtein
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        Constant Field Values
      • Feature_nameWordDistance

        public static final int Feature_nameWordDistance
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        Constant Field Values
      • id

        public final long id
      • service

        public final String service
      • identifierSpace

        public final String identifierSpace
      • schemaSpace

        public final String schemaSpace
      • features

        public final Object[] features
      • candidates

        public final<ReconCandidate> candidates
      • judgmentAction

        public final String judgmentAction
      • judgmentHistoryEntry

        public final long judgmentHistoryEntry
      • matchRank

        public final int matchRank
    • Method Detail

      • stringToJudgment

        public static Recon.Judgment stringToJudgment​(String s)
        Deprecated: use JSON deserialization to create a Judgment object directly.
      • makeFreebaseRecon

        public static Recon makeFreebaseRecon​(long judgmentHistoryEntry)
      • makeWikidataRecon

        public static Recon makeWikidataRecon​(long judgmentHistoryEntry)
      • dup

        public Recon dup​(long judgmentHistoryEntry)
      • getFeature

        public Object getFeature​(int feature)
      • getId

        public long getId()
      • getJudgmentHistoryEntry

        public long getJudgmentHistoryEntry()
      • getServiceURI

        public String getServiceURI()
      • getIdentifierSpace

        public String getIdentifierSpace()
      • getSchemaSpace

        public String getSchemaSpace()
      • getfeatures

        public Object[] getfeatures()
      • getJudgmentAction

        public String getJudgmentAction()
      • getMatchRank

        public Integer getMatchRank()
      • withId

        public Recon withId​(long newId)
      • withJudgmentHistoryEntry

        public Recon withJudgmentHistoryEntry​(long newJudgmentHistoryEntry)
      • withFeatures

        public Recon withFeatures​(Object[] newFeatures)
      • withCandidate

        public Recon withCandidate​(ReconCandidate newCandidate)
        Adds a reconciliation candidate at the end of the list of candidates
      • withService

        public Recon withService​(String service)
      • withIdentifierSpace

        public Recon withIdentifierSpace​(String newIdentifierSpace)
      • withSchemaSpace

        public Recon withSchemaSpace​(String newSchemaSpace)
      • withJudgmentAction

        public Recon withJudgmentAction​(String newJudgmentAction)
      • withMatchRank

        public Recon withMatchRank​(int newMatchRank)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object