Class StringValuesFacetAggregator

    • Field Detail

      • _columnModel

        protected final ColumnModel _columnModel
      • _cellIndex

        protected final int _cellIndex
      • _selected

        protected final Set<String> _selected
      • _selectBlanks

        protected final boolean _selectBlanks
      • _selectErrors

        protected final boolean _selectErrors
    • Constructor Detail

      • StringValuesFacetAggregator

        public StringValuesFacetAggregator​(ColumnModel columnModel,
                                           int cellIndex,
                                           RowEvaluable evaluable,
                                           Set<String> selected,
                                           boolean selectBlanks,
                                           boolean selectErrors,
                                           boolean invert)
        columnModel - the list of columns of the table where this facet is being applied
        cellIndex - the index of the base column where the evaluable is run (-1 if no base column is used, for instance for the flag/star facets)
        evaluable - the evaluable which generates the values held by this facet
        selected - the list of string values which are selected
        selectBlanks - whether blanks should be selected
        selectErrors - whether errors should be selected
        invert - whether the selection should be inverted