Class FacetAggregator<T extends FacetState>

    • Constructor Detail

      • FacetAggregator

        public FacetAggregator()
    • Method Detail

      • getRowFilter

        public abstract RowInRecordFilter getRowFilter()
        a row filter which determines if a row matches this facet.
      • withRowOutsideView

        public T withRowOutsideView​(T state,
                                    long rowId,
                                    Row row,
                                    Record record)
        Like RowAggregator.withRow(Object, long, Row)} except that this method is called on rows that are excluded by at least two facets, so the values in this row do not normally count towards the statistics displayed in facets. This is useful for facets which require computing global statistics on the entire dataset regardless of which filtering is in place.
        rowId - the row id of the row to ingest
        row - the row to ingest
        record - the enclosing record of the row if available, null otherwise
        the facet state updated with this row