Class LoggedChangeData<T>

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      • get

        public IndexedData<T> get​(long rowId)
        Description copied from interface: ChangeData
        Returns the change data at a given row. The data encapsulated in this IndexedData may be null, but not the return value of this function itself.
        Specified by:
        get in interface ChangeData<T>
        rowId - the 0-based row index
      • getRunner

        public Runner getRunner()
        Description copied from interface: ChangeData
        The runner which was used to create this change data.
        Specified by:
        getRunner in interface ChangeData<T>
      • saveToFileAsync

        public ProgressingFuture<Void> saveToFileAsync​(File file,
                                                       ChangeDataSerializer<T> serializer)
        Description copied from interface: ChangeData
        Saves the change data to a specified directory, following OpenRefine's format for change data, in an asynchronous way.
        Specified by:
        saveToFileAsync in interface ChangeData<T>
        file - the directory where to save the grid
        serializer - the serializer used to convert the items to strings
        a future which completes once the save is complete
      • isComplete

        public boolean isComplete()
        Description copied from interface: ChangeData
        Whether the entire change data is available to be iterated on statically, without performing any new computation or fetching. This happens when this ChangeData object is loaded back from disk and a suitable completion marker was found.
        Specified by:
        isComplete in interface ChangeData<T>