Class LocalChangeData<T>

    • Constructor Detail

      • LocalChangeData

        public LocalChangeData​(LocalRunner runner,
                               PairPLL<Long,​IndexedData<T>> grid,
                               io.vavr.collection.Array<Long> parentPartitionSizes,
                               Callable<Boolean> complete,
                               int maxConcurrency)
        Constructs a change data.
        grid - expected not to contain any null value (they should be filtered out first)
        parentPartitionSizes - the size of each partition in the grid this change data was generated from (can be null if not available). This is used to compute progress as a percentage of the original grid swept through. This is more efficient than counting the number of elements in each partition of the change data.
        maxConcurrency - the maximum number of concurrent calls to the underlying resource (fetcher). This is respected when saving the change data to a file.