Interface ImportingParser

    • Method Detail

      • createParserUIInitializationData

        com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.ObjectNode createParserUIInitializationData​(Runner runner,
                                                                                        ImportingJob job,
                                                                                        List<ImportingFileRecord> fileRecords,
                                                                                        String format)
        Create data sufficient for the parser UI on the client side to do its work. For example, an XML parser UI would need to know some sample elements so it can let the user pick which the path to the record elements.
      • parse

        Grid parse​(Runner runner,
                   ProjectMetadata metadata,
                   ImportingJob job,
                   List<ImportingFileRecord> fileRecords,
                   String format,
                   long limit,
                   com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.ObjectNode options)
            throws Exception
        Main method of the parser: parse a grid out of input files
        runner - the runner to use to create the grid
        metadata - the project metadata, to which the importer can contribute
        job - the importing job, useful to report importing progress
        fileRecords - the files to import
        format - the identifier for the format
        limit - maximum number of rows to create
        options - custom options put together by the UI corresponding to this parser, which the parser should understand