Class InputStreamImporter

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      • InputStreamImporter

        public InputStreamImporter()
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      • parseOneFile

        public abstract Grid parseOneFile​(Runner runner,
                                          ProjectMetadata metadata,
                                          ImportingJob job,
                                          String fileSource,
                                          String archiveFileName,
                                          Supplier<InputStream> inputStream,
                                          long limit,
                                          com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.ObjectNode options)
                                   throws Exception
        Parses one file, read from an InputStream object, into a Grid.
        runner - the runner to use (the returned Grid will be generated by it)
        metadata - the project metadata associated with the project to parse (which can be modified by the importer)
        job - the importing job where this import is being done
        fileSource - the path or source of the file (could be "clipboard" or a URL as well)
        archiveFileName - the path or source of the archive which contained this file
        inputStream - the input stream where to read the data from
        limit - the maximum number of rows to read
        options - any options passed to the importer as a JSON payload
        a parsed Grid