Class NumericFacetState

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, FacetState

    public class NumericFacetState
    extends Object
    implements FacetState
    The aggregation state of a numeric facet, which contains two histograms: - the histogram for the rows seen by the facet (the ones selected by all other active facets) - called the view histogram - the histogram for all rows, which is used to determine the bin size, called the global histogram. This is added to ensure that the bin size does not change when interactively faceting.
    Antonin Delpeuch
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      • normalizeForReporting

        public NumericFacetState normalizeForReporting​(int logBinSize)
        To be called after aggregating on all rows, to force a single-valued histogram to be represented as a single bin, with the supplied log bin size. It also deals with the case where no numeric value was present in the view, but some was found outside the view, in which case the view histogram should
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        public int hashCode()
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