Class QuantityScrutinizer

  • public class QuantityScrutinizer
    extends SnakScrutinizer
    Scrutinizer checking for units and bounds in quantities.
    Antonin Delpeuch
    • Constructor Detail

      • QuantityScrutinizer

        public QuantityScrutinizer()
    • Method Detail

      • scrutinize

        public void scrutinize​(org.wikidata.wdtk.datamodel.interfaces.Snak snak,
                               org.wikidata.wdtk.datamodel.interfaces.EntityIdValue entityId,
                               boolean added)
        Description copied from class: SnakScrutinizer
        This is the method that subclasses should override to implement their checks.
        Specified by:
        scrutinize in class SnakScrutinizer
        snak - : the snak to inspect
        entityId - : the entity on which it is going to (dis)appear
        added - : whether this snak is going to be added or deleted