Class RefineModel

  • public class RefineModel
    extends Object
    Utility class to retrieve the version number of OpenRefine efficiently, and provide class aliasing independently of Butterfly.
    • Field Detail

      • VERSION

        public static String VERSION
    • Constructor Detail

      • RefineModel

        public RefineModel()
    • Method Detail

      • getRunner

        public static Runner getRunner()
      • setRunner

        public static void setRunner​(Runner newRunner)
      • registerClassMapping

        public static void registerClassMapping​(String from,
                                                String to)
        Add a mapping that determines how old class names can be updated to newer class names. Such updates are desirable as the Java code changes from version to version. If the "from" argument ends with *, then it's considered a prefix; otherwise, it's an exact string match.
      • cacheClass

        public static void cacheClass​(Class<?> klass)
      • getUserAgent

        public static String getUserAgent()