Interface RowFlatMapper

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    public interface RowFlatMapper
    extends Serializable
    A function applied to a row, returning a list of new rows to replace it. Implementations should be stateless. If a state is required, use RowScanMapper. If multiple rows or no rows can be returned, use RowFlatMapper.
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      • conditionalMapper

        static RowFlatMapper conditionalMapper​(RowFilter filter,
                                               RowFlatMapper positive,
                                               RowFlatMapper negative)
        Returns a flat mapper which applies one of the two mappers provided depending on the outcome of the filter. If the filter evaluates to true, the positive mapper is evaluated, otherwise the negative one is used.
        filter - the filter to use for the disjunction
        positive - what to do if the filter evaluates to true
        negative - what to do otherwise
        the conditional mapper