Class ExpressionBasedRowEvaluable

    • Field Detail

      • _columnName

        protected final String _columnName
      • _cellIndex

        protected final int _cellIndex
      • _columnModel

        protected final ColumnModel _columnModel
      • _projectId

        protected final long _projectId
    • Method Detail

      • eval

        public Object eval​(long rowIndex,
                           Row row,
                           Record record,
                           Properties bindings)
        Description copied from interface: RowEvaluable
        Evaluate on a given row.
        Specified by:
        eval in interface RowEvaluable
        rowIndex - the index of the row in the grid
        row - the row itself
        record - the enclosing record, if available (in records mode)
        bindings - the map where the evaluation context is stored