Class ColumnStats

    • Field Detail

      • blanks

        protected final long blanks
      • strings

        protected final long strings
      • numbers

        protected final long numbers
      • booleans

        protected final long booleans
      • dates

        protected final long dates
      • reconciled

        protected final long reconciled
      • matched

        protected final long matched
      • newElements

        protected final long newElements
    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnStats

        public ColumnStats​(long blanks,
                           long strings,
                           long numbers,
                           long booleans,
                           long dates,
                           long reconciled,
                           long matched,
                           long newElements)
    • Method Detail

      • getBlanks

        public long getBlanks()
        The number of blank cells in the column
      • getNonBlanks

        public long getNonBlanks()
        The number of non-blank cells in the column.
      • getStrings

        public long getStrings()
        The number of non-blank strings in the column.
      • getNumbers

        public long getNumbers()
        The number of number cell values in the column.
      • getBooleans

        public long getBooleans()
        The number of boolean-valued cells in the column.
      • getDates

        public long getDates()
        The number of date-valued cells in the column.
      • getReconciled

        public long getReconciled()
        The number of cells with a non-null recon object in them.
      • getMatched

        public long getMatched()
        The number of cells matched to an existing entity in their recon object.
      • getNewElements

        public long getNewElements()
        The number of cells matched to a new entity in their recon object.
      • withCell

        public ColumnStats withCell​(Cell cell)
        Returns a copy of this object after updating it with a single cell.
        cell - the cell to extract datatype and reconciliation status from
      • sum

        public ColumnStats sum​(ColumnStats other)
        Return the column statistics obtained by summing the statistics in both objects, none of which are modified (being immutable).
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object