Interface Manifest

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    ManifestV1, ManifestV2

    public interface Manifest
    A configuration object for a Wikibase instance. The deserialization of this object is versioned, via ManifestParser.
    Lu Liu, Antonin Delpeuch
    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        String getVersion()
        The version of the manifest object, which determines its JSON format.
      • getName

        String getName()
        The name of the Wikibase instance, displayed in the UI.
      • getSiteIri

        String getSiteIri()
        The RDF serialization prefix for entities stored in this instance.
      • getMaxlag

        int getMaxlag()
        The recommended `maxlag` value for edits on this instance.
      • getTagTemplate

        String getTagTemplate()
        The tag to apply to edits made from OpenRefine. If the string contains the ${version} string, it should be replaced by the major.minor OpenRefine version.
      • getMaxEditsPerMinute

        int getMaxEditsPerMinute()
        The maximum number of edits to do per minute on this Wikibase instance. Set to zero to disable any throttling.
      • getInstanceOfPid

        String getInstanceOfPid()
        The property id used to link an entity to the entity representing its type (class). In Wikidata, this is P31 (instance of)
      • getSubclassOfPid

        String getSubclassOfPid()
        The property id used to link a class to its superclasses. In Wikidata, this is P279 (subclass of)
      • getMediaWikiApiEndpoint

        String getMediaWikiApiEndpoint()
        The MediaWiki API endpoint of this Wikibase instance.
      • getReconServiceEndpoint

        String getReconServiceEndpoint​(String entityType)
        Get the reconciliation service endpoint for a given entity type supported by this Wikibase instance.
        entityType -
        null if there is no recon service for this entity type.
      • getMediaWikiApiEndpoint

        String getMediaWikiApiEndpoint​(String entityType)
        Get the MediaWiki endpoint of the source Wikibase for the entity type. This can be different than the MediaWiki endpoint for this Wikibase instance, when federation is used.
        entityType -
        null if there is no recon service for this entity type.
      • getEntityTypeSiteIri

        String getEntityTypeSiteIri​(String entityType)
        Gets the site IRI used for a particular entity type. - if the entity type is editable on this Wikibase instance, then it should be identical to the site IRI for this instance. - if the entity type is federated from another instance, then it should be the site IRI for that instance.
        entityType -
        null if the entity type is not supported by the Wikibase instance
      • getAvailableEntityTypes

        List<String> getAvailableEntityTypes()
        The list of all entity types in use on this instance.
      • hideStructuredFieldsInMediaInfo

        boolean hideStructuredFieldsInMediaInfo()
        Only useful for Wikibase instances to which one can upload files: this is set to true when the Wikibase instance does not support structured data in the form of MediaInfo entities. In this case, OpenRefine will still offer editing those files, but hide the Captions and Statements fields.
      • getConstraintsRelatedId

        String getConstraintsRelatedId​(String name)
        Returns an entity or property id used in the WikibaseQualityConstraints extension.
        name - our internal identifier for the entity id
        the entity id
      • getEditGroupsUrlSchema

        String getEditGroupsUrlSchema()
        Returns the template that should be inserted in edit summaries for edits to be tracked by EditGroups.