Interface RowChangeDataProducer<T>

    • Method Detail

      • call

        T call​(long rowId,
               Row row)
        Compute the change data on a given row.
      • callRowBatch

        default List<T> callRowBatch​(List<IndexedRow> rows)
        Compute the change data on a batch of consecutive rows. This defaults to individual calls if the method is not overridden.
        rows - the list of rows to fetch change data on
        a list of the same size
      • getBatchSize

        default int getBatchSize()
        The size of batches this producer would like to be called on. Smaller batches can be submitted (for instance at the end of a partition). Defaults to 1.
      • getMaxConcurrency

        default int getMaxConcurrency()
        The maximum number of concurrent calls to this change data producer. If 0, there is no limit to the concurrency.