Class FileChangeDataStore

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    public class FileChangeDataStore
    extends Object
    implements ChangeDataStore
    A ChangeDataStore which stores change data on disk. This is the default one used in OpenRefine.
    It makes use of two directories:
    • The base directory, where changes are stored;
    • The incomplete directory, which is used as a temporary location when resuming the fetching of some change data after an interruption.
    When retrieveOrCompute(ChangeDataId, ChangeDataSerializer, Function, String) finds an incomplete change data is found in the base directory, it is moved to the incomplete directory. A new version of the change data, completed using the completion process, is then saved again in the base directory.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileChangeDataStore

        public FileChangeDataStore​(Runner runner,
                                   File baseDirectory,
                                   File incompleteDirectory)