Class DatabaseModuleImpl

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    public class DatabaseModuleImpl
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      static Properties extensionProperties  
      static DatabaseModuleImpl instance  
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        _classLoader, _config, _dependencies, _extended, _extendedBy, _implementations, _logger, _modules, _mounter, _mountPoint, _name, _packers, _path, _properties, _scriptables, _scripts, _tempDir, _templateEngine, _timer, encoding, images_pattern, mod_inf_pattern, super_pattern
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      static String getImportCreateBatchSize()  
      static String getImportPreviewBatchSize()  
      void init​(javax.servlet.ServletConfig config)  
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        addExtendedBy, destroy, getContextPath, getDependencies, getExtendedModule, getExtendingModules, getFilteringWriter, getImplementations, getModule, getMounter, getMountPoint, getName, getPath, getProperties, getRelativePath, getResource, getScope, getScriptables, getServletConfig, getServletContext, getString, getTemplateEngine, getTemporaryDir, initScope, makePath, process, processScript, redirect, scriptInit, send, sendBinary, sendBinary, sendError, sendLessen, sendLessenTokenStream, sendString, sendText, sendText, sendTextFromTemplate, sendWrappedText, setClassLoader, setDependency, setExtended, setImplementation, setModules, setMounter, setMountPoint, setName, setPath, setProperties, setScript, setScriptable, setTemplateEngine, setTemporaryDir, setTimer, toString
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      • DatabaseModuleImpl

        public DatabaseModuleImpl()
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        public void init​(javax.servlet.ServletConfig config)
                  throws Exception
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        init in class
      • getImportCreateBatchSize

        public static String getImportCreateBatchSize()
      • getImportPreviewBatchSize

        public static String getImportPreviewBatchSize()