Interface FacetConfig

    • Method Detail

      • apply

        Facet apply​(ColumnModel columnModel,
                    Map<String,​OverlayModel> overlayModels,
                    long projectId)
        Instantiates the given facet on a particular column model. This allows to check the validity of the configuration against a particular table schema (checking that the dependent columns exist, for instance).
        columnModel - the header of the table the facet is applied to.
        overlayModels - the overlay models of the table the facet is applied to (can be accessed by expressions evaluated by the facet)
        projectId - the id of the project this facet is evaluated on
        a computed facet on the given project.
      • getColumnDependencies

        Set<String> getColumnDependencies()
        Computes the set of columns the facet depends on. If the facet relies on an unknown set of columns, or if it is not row-wise, this returns null.
        the set of column names the facet depends on.
      • renameColumnDependencies

        FacetConfig renameColumnDependencies​(Map<String,​String> substitutions)
        Updates the facet config after a renaming of columns.
        null if the update could not be performed, or the new facet config if the update could be performed.
      • isNeutral

        boolean isNeutral()
        A neutral facet is a facet that does not filter out any row, i.e. it is in its initial, reset state. Neutral facets are still useful to visualize the distribution of values in a column.
      • getJsonType

        String getJsonType()
        The facet type as stored in json.