Class QAWarningStore

  • public class QAWarningStore
    extends Object
    A store for QA warnings which aggregates them by type.
    Antonin Delpeuch
    • Constructor Detail

      • QAWarningStore

        public QAWarningStore()
    • Method Detail

      • addWarning

        public void addWarning​(QAWarning warning)
        Stores a warning, aggregating it with any existing
        warning -
      • getWarnings

        public List<QAWarning> getWarnings()
        Returns the list of aggregated warnings, ordered by decreasing severity
      • getMaxSeverity

        public QAWarning.Severity getMaxSeverity()
        Returns the maximum severity of the stored warnings (INFO if empty)
      • getNbWarnings

        public int getNbWarnings()
        Returns the total number of warnings