Class EditBatchProcessor

  • public class EditBatchProcessor
    extends Object
    Schedules and performs a list of updates to entities via the API.
    Antonin Delpeuch
    • Constructor Detail

      • EditBatchProcessor

        public EditBatchProcessor​(org.wikidata.wdtk.wikibaseapi.WikibaseDataFetcher fetcher,
                                  org.wikidata.wdtk.wikibaseapi.WikibaseDataEditor editor,
                                  org.wikidata.wdtk.wikibaseapi.ApiConnection connection,
                                  List<EntityEdit> entityDocuments,
                                  NewEntityLibrary library,
                                  String summary,
                                  int maxLag,
                                  List<String> tags,
                                  int batchSize,
                                  int maxEditsPerMinute)
        Initiates the process of pushing a batch of updates to Wikibase. This schedules the updates and is a prerequisite for calling performEdit().
        fetcher - the data fetcher to fetch the existing state of the entities to edit
        editor - the editor to perform the edits
        connection - the connection to use to retrieve the current state of entities and edit them
        entityDocuments - the list of entity updates to perform
        library - the library to use to keep track of new entity creation
        summary - the summary to append to all edits
        tags - the list of tags to apply to all edits
        batchSize - the number of entities that should be retrieved in one go from the API
        maxEditsPerMinute - the maximum number of edits per minute to do