Class TextFilePLL.TextFilePartition

    • Constructor Detail

      • TextFilePartition

        protected TextFilePartition​(File path,
                                    int index,
                                    long start,
                                    long end)
        Represents a split in an uncompressed text file.
        path - the path to the file being read
        index - position of the split in the file
        start - starting byte where to read from in the file
        end - first byte not to be read after the end of the file
    • Method Detail

      • getPath

        public File getPath()
      • getIndex

        public int getIndex()
        Description copied from interface: Partition
        Returns the index of this partition in the underlying PLL
        Specified by:
        getIndex in interface Partition
      • getParent

        public Partition getParent()
        Description copied from interface: Partition
        Returns the partition of the parent PLL this is derived from (if any - otherwise null)
        Specified by:
        getParent in interface Partition
      • getStart

        public long getStart()
      • getEnd

        public long getEnd()